About Us

Best friends from the start, Megan Healy and Amy Trelenberg set out to provide young women with fresh, inexpensive, chic clothing fashions, to create a one-of-a-kind shopping experience. The result is a trendy clothing boutique that pairs style-driven designer pieces with affordability. The “Mamie” in Shopmamie.com is, of course, a blend of “Megan” and “Amy,” the inseparable pair at the heart of it all.


The Background Behind the Scenes at this Chic Clothing Store

A fear to take the path less traveled persisted, until Megan and Amy decided to leave their safe, full-time jobs behind to pursue their dream that had been brewing since their teenybopper years. Their backgrounds – perfectly advantageous and yet, purely coincidental, as a result of fairy-tale good fortune, typically seen only in the movies – set the stage for Shopmamie.com. Megan majored in merchandising management at Virginia Tech, and Amy spent her time studying accounting at Penn State – both of which are crucial elements to keeping Shopmamie.com afloat.

Inspired by the idea of looking fabulous on a budget, Megan and Amy launched Shopmamie.com as a resource for inexpensive, chic clothing. Shopmamie.com provides a complete, online shopping experience for women’s trendy clothing and accessories, along with a commitment to personalized service for its customers.

A Note from the Mamie Girls Themselves:

The entire process of starting Shopmamie.com has been a little surreal, a little crazy at times, and definitely hard work. It's been scary, challenging, and demanding, albeit incredibly rewarding. We have impressed ourselves each step of the way, trusting and believing in our dream, and at the end of the day, we look at each other and realize…

...we love what we do.